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OUR House

This is what we see when we log in to our mortgage account:

The money has been paid, the lien has been released, and we are now the unencumbered owners of our house!

(This was the day we moved in…we looked so young!)

This also means that we are now 100% debt free. We don’t owe anything to anybody.

How does it feel? GREAT!

How great? It feels $89,264.00 great! Because that is the amount of interest we saved by paying it off in 6.5 years, rather than 30.

The possibilities are endless now. World, here we come!!!


Ten loooong years

This week DJ and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. We keep telling people that it has been a long ten years . . . because it has! We’ve had our bumps in the road — and plunging cliffs — but how boring would life be without a few “learning experiences”? We have come a long way in ten years.

From young lovers without a clue.

To the seasoned veterans we are today.

We may have a few more wrinkles and gray (or missing) hair, but we have accomplished quite a bit over the years:

  • Lived in four different states (Utah, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Texas)
  • Earned two graduate degrees (DJ – Master of Information Systems Management, Kim – Juris Doctor)
  • Traveled to eight different countries (Mexico, Brazil, Canada, India, Switzerland, Germany, England, Wales) on four different continents (North America, South America, Europe, Asia)
  • Bought our first home (and will have it completely paid off in a couple weeks!!!)
  • And our biggest accomplishment . . .

These two are the center of our universe right now!

Life has been kind to us and we love everything about it right now. I would say that we couldn’t possibly be any happier than we are right now, but I thought that when we were first married, and again when we had each of our children, and yet we seem to get a little happier every year.

We have a lot to look forward to in the future and with the love we have, whatever comes will be fantastic!

Did I just see that???

A little while ago I was headed to a hearing at the juvenile court, traveling on 121, when I passed this . . .

I am pretty sure this guy was on his way to the airport to strap on a pair of wings and fly off to some high-tech place.

And if that wasn’t random enough, as I was leaving the courthouse I passed a Buddhist Meditation Center — it is across the street from the Juvenile Detention Center, oddly enough — and saw a fully-robed monk pulling the weekly grocery ads out of his mailbox. I did a double-take, it looked so odd.
I didn’t have time to get a photo so I recreated the scene below using a google maps image of the center and a random photo of a Buddhist monk in the same orange robes that I saw. It really doesn’t do it justice, but it gives you an idea — just imagine a Kroger ad, a few U-verse fliers, and a credit card application in his hand.

As if that wasn’t enough, when I got home I scrolled through the caller ID and saw this . . .

Now I’m not one to go offering unsolicited advice to just anyone, but if you are operating a less-than-legit phone solicitation gig, you may want to stick to the “caller unknown” option for caller id . . . just a thought.

O Holy Night

Here is DJ’s performance of “O Holy Night” at the Ward Christmas Party. He and PJ Kinzler have done a guitar duet for the past two years and it is always a great performance.

It has been a while

This poor blog has been severely neglected. I am doing well to keep up with the blog for the kids and DJ has stopped updating this one so here it sits. I don’t want to link to the kids’ blog from here — security by obscurity — but I will tell you what the address is so you can type it in yourself: http:// baby [dot] deweyltd [dot] us
It is the same as the URL to this blog except you replace “www” with “baby” and then you can see what we’ve been up to lately!

Photos from Wales and England

I FINALLY made it through the photos from our trip and they are on my Shutterfly site. You can see the photos * HERE * and read about the memories we made. Just be sure to scroll down to read the captions under each photo. Enjoy!

The sky is falling, the sky is falling

The high temperature today was 92*. Then around 5:00 a spring thunder shower moved in. After a few minutes I noticed things bouncing on the lawn and heard what sounded like someone throwing rocks against the house. When the rain stopped, I pulled these out of the grass.

That largest one is still bigger than a quarter. And remember, it was 92* and pouring rain, so you can image how big it was when it fell.

I looked out the window and what did I see???

Sugar-snap peas



This is the first year that we have ever had so much yummy produce from our garden. Hurray for planting in January!!

Yums for me

Look what DJ made for my birthday . . . with an encore performance for valentine’s day.

Yep, that is molten chocolate cake (aka chocolate lava cake) — made from scratch. And yes, it tasted every bit as good as it looks.

My contribution to our valentine’s dinner was a pair of pan pizzas. My cousin Tara gave me this recipe and it is hands-down the best pizza crust recipe that this carboholic has ever tasted.

Dear North Texas,

I apologize for the miserable weather that we had this past week. Many of you thought that the Super Bowl teams brought the arctic temps down with them. But really, it was my fault. I swore last year that I would never plant a garden again, but I did. Thursday, January 30 the sun was shining, it was 73* and Raine and I were playing out back when the offending idea popped into my head, “let’s plant some seeds.” So I pulled the leftover seeds out of the freezer and we planted them. I knew it would yield nothing but cold weather, but I did it anyway, and just look what happened. So I apologize.

I’m not sure what the seeds we planted outside are doing, but the ones we planted inside are doing quite well. No one can say that I didn’t plant early enough to beat the heat this year!