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Colorado Springs

In celebration of Kim’s graduation, and as a last hurrah before the baby comes, we took a trip to Colorado Springs for a few days. The mountains are beautiful up there, and there is so much to see and do. We would love to go back and do it again. Click the picture below to see some pictures of our trip.

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Mammas, teach your children well

If there was ever any doubt that drugs can make a person do stupid things, this story makes it crystal clear. You really need to read the story for yourselves, but the abridged version is this: A man in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area stole a check from his girlfriend’s Mom, wrote it out for $360 billion, and tried to cash it at a bank. It’s hard to comprehend the extreme brilliance it takes to attempt something like this. The only thing I can say is, “Don’t do drugs, they turn you into an idiot.”


The saga is finally over. Kim graduated from Law School Friday, and what a wonderful day it was. It’s been three years of blood sweat and tears, but it’s finally over! Well, all except for one itty-bitty thing called the bar exam, but we won’t let that get in the way of our celebration.


I’m sure you all wish you could have been there for the whole 2 hour ceremony, but lucky for you the most important part has been recorded and is posted right here for your viewing enjoyment.

Congratulations Kim!

If you don’t have flash on your browser, you can get the video here.

No one ever listens to me

I’m starting to realize that DJ’s habit of never listening to me is actually hereditary. :) I told him to put mesh around the tree to protect it from the beaver, but we all know what happened there! Now all the Dewey’s are convinced we are having a boy even though I told you from the beginning that it is going to be a girl. When the lab tech said he was 100% sure, you assumed there was only one possible reason, but you forgot the alternative… that we could be having a very immodest little girl.

What you are seeing in photo #1 is whatever convinced the tech that we are having a girl—I know, we aren’t sure what we’re looking at there either. But regardless, it’s a girl!

The doctor says it’s a ________

We went to the doctor’s office for the ultrasound Thursday and we found out what kind of bun is in the oven. Instead of just telling you what it is, we thought it would be fun to see how good you are at interpreting ultrasound pictures. He told us he was 100% sure of the gender when I asked. Tell us what you think!

Baby 1

Baby 2

Operation: Rescue Turtle

Baby TurtleI was mowing the lawn last Saturday and almost had a tragic accident. As I was pushing the mower along, I looked down and saw a small shape frantically trying to scramble away from the whirling vortex of death known as the lawnmower. At first I thought it was a grasshopper so I wasn’t too concerned (I don’t have a soft spot for insects), but when I realized it wasn’t jumping like the grasshoppers usually do, I took a closer look. Turns out it was a baby turtle making its way across the lawn. I’m not sure where it came from or what it was doing in the middle of my yard, but I stopped the mower to conduct a rescue operation.

The almost-victim was a baby red-eared slider turtle we affectionately named “Pete.” I picked him up and called Kim to come see. We spent a few minutes talking about how cute he was, then let him go near our back fence. I assume he made it to the creek back there and has probably made fast friends with the beaver by now.

Our turtle friend, Pete Our turtle friend, Pete

One more down

Another exam down, only one more left. Today was Family Law. I wrote a two page essay on whether sperm donors can sue for parental rights—I know, how often could that possibly be useful? I guess that’s why they say that school has nothing to do with real life. Nevertheless, if you need to know how to establish a common law marriage or whether a man can ask for the engagement ring back after the wedding is called off, I can tell you all you ever wanted to know!

An interesting note—at least I think it’s interesting—a transgender individual can officially change the gender on his birth certificate after gender reassignment surgery. But for purposes of marriage, he is still considered his chromosomal gender, e.g. a woman that becomes a man is still considered a woman. So the pregnant man that has been on the news lately could not legally marry his wife in Texas, even though his birth certificate says that he is a man. It’s issues like these that often make you wonder what the state of the world really is.