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Somebody help me, yeah!!

Saturday night was the Relief Society adult dinner and the evening ended with a little karaoke . . .

Too bad that Spencer is moving on Tuesday, they could have had a future as . . . well, maybe it’s just as well.

Expert home repair handyman

Our home was built in 2000 and so is about ten years old — the age when all the original major appliances start wearing out. Since our home is a simple cookie-cutter starter home, the appliances installed by the builder were not exactly high-end and so are breaking at the low end of average life expectancy. Last year we had to replace the entire air-conditioning/heating system. It was NOT cheap nor convenient considering it was over 100 degrees outside and Kim was eight months pregnant inside.

This week, it was the hot water heater. Kim noticed water running down the garage floor Monday morning and we soon discovered that our water heater was leaking out the bottom (a sure sign that you are on the verge of spending a few hundred dollars). Kim’s dad assured us that changing it ourselves would be easy, so we headed off to Home Depot to buy a new one.

We decided that buying the exact same heater we already had would make installation easier, since all the pipes should perfectly line up. It turned out that all the pipes were in the same location, but the pressure valve was turned 90 degrees, so it didn’t line up with the pipe in the wall. Luckily, I am an expert home repair handyman, and I figured out a work-around solution. Now, we are once again enjoying piping hot showers!

Forget the eggs

As delicious as those peanut butter eggs were, my little brother John recently introduced us to something MUCH better . . . 


Oreo Truffles

These little babies are DIVINE! They are also a little easier to make. All you need is a package of Oreos, a box of cream cheese, and some almond bark to dip them in.

You start by de-creaming the Oreos. Put the cream in a bowl with the cream cheese and put the cookies in a blender. Blend the cookies until they are dust — blending them in two batches worked best for me — and then add them to the cream mixture. Your hands work best for getting it completely mixed together.

Next, form the dough into little round balls. I ended up with 55 balls — but I ate A LOT of the dough in the process.

Finally, melt six squares of almond bark and dip the centers. Place them on wax paper and put them in the fridge.

WARNING: you should not undertake making this recipe if your self control is in anything other than peak resisting condition, otherwise you could end up eating WAY too many!