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Faster Daddy, Faster!

Run for Dat

I decided to do one last race before I call it quits for the summer. It was a point-to-point race that was mostly downhill, so I thought maybe I could go for a personal record. Since the name of the race was “Run for Dad” I thought it would be fun to race with Raine. “Great!” Kim said, “She’ll pull you along down the hills. You’ll definitely beat your record.” I wasn’t so sure about that, but we signed up for the race.

The morning of the race Kim dropped us off at the starting point and then drove to the finish to meetRun for Dad us. Raine and I started near the back of the pack because I didn’t want to get in anyone’s way with the stroller. 

Raine is such a good running buddy. She loves to sit forward in her seat and watch everything. She was particularly funny when we passed other runners. She would turn her head to stare as we came up beside them, and then stuck her head out of the stroller to keep looking as we passed by. I could almost hear her saying, “so long, pokey! See you at the finish line.”

About halfway through the race Raine fell asleep, so she missed the final dash across the line, but that’s OK. I was nowhere near a personal record, but I was the first runner with a stroller to finish. (And no, I wasn’t the only runner with a stroller.)

Rise and Shout!

Guess who just got tickets!?!

There’s nothing like spending way too much on tickets, then having to pay even more for parking, all to watch a game that your team most likely won’t even win. But what an experience it will be. I can’t wait!