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Halloween Decor??

No, it’s not pickled goat brain. It’s the latest addition to my food storage. Last night we pressure canned 20 pounds of chicken. Everyone assures me that it will taste delicious, despite its ghastly appearance. I’ll just have to take their word for it though, because all my jars sealed and I’m not opening one until I need it!

Sucessfully depreciated

It’s not often that you find yourself arguing that your house is NOT worth THAT much money. But yesterday, I apparently argued it quite well because the county appraisal district agreed. It was kind of fun to appeal to the review panel — mostly because, in the end, they decided to lower my taxes. But come on . . . really??? How can you raise everyone’s home value 6.5% in the same year that the housing market CRASHED!?!! I don’t know how they did it with a straight face. I sure didn’t have a straight face when I walked out of the hearing with my new LOWER home value.