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I love Texas in the Fall. Not too hot, not too cold, and plenty of blue skies and beautiful days. It’s perfect camping weather. We decided to go camping last weekend, and though we had originally wanted to go somewhere in East Texas where you get in to some of the pine forests; due to timing issues we were forced to go to Cedar Hill State Park again. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy the campground. It’s just that on a scale of real outdoor camping, this park comes in just above camping in the back yard.

We had a great time though. Have we mentioned that Raine really loves the outdoors? She would just wander around the campsite picking up rocks, playing in the dirt, and trying to help Kim and I with whatever we were doing. Here she is helping me cook breakfast.

No Raine, the pancake recipe doesn’t call for any rocks.

This is what she did after asking us if we wanted to see a train wreck.

We also went and played at the park…

and did a little fishing.

All the hiking trails were closed because of the rain we had earlier in the week, but we had a great time.