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In the news

Guess who made it in to the local news?

Kim signed up to help in a pro bono divorce clinic, and little did she know that it would be her ticket to fame. The journalists sat down at her table during the introductions, and she assumed they were clients who had wandered into the wrong room. She very politely asked them if they had checked in yet — her way of pointing out that someone at the desk could direct them to the CORRECT room — but they responded that they were journalists. Good thing Kim thinks before she speaks and didn’t just tell them they were in the wrong room. :) One lady was blind, and while Kim was waiting to receive her case file she pulled out her braille typewriter and started asking questions. It wasn’t exactly front page news, but it was cool nonetheless.

Here is a link to the article.

When this was first published, there was a series of pictures that went along with it. You could see Kim working with her client in one of them, but it looks like the photos aren’t there anymore.