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How does your garden grow?

It’s that time of year again. We planted our garden and are now watching everything start to grow. So far, we have a few sugar snap peas and lots of Cherry and Roma tomatoes. These are the kinds of tomatoes that are supposed to grow well in Texas, so hopefully we’ll have better luck with them than we did last year.

Peas Tomatoes

We planted some peppers as well, but they haven’t sprouted yet, and I’m still thinking about planting another cantaloupe. I’ll have to come up with a better security plan if I want to grow those again. I’m not going to grow them just for some sneaky raccoon to eat. We also have some green onions left over from last year. They just kept growing right through the winter and we never picked them, so they have quite the head start on the rest of our garden!


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  1. Can you get some city or county agency to come out and set a trap in your yard and deport the offending critter?

  2. I forgot how early you get to garden in the south! Are you doing a square foot garden? We’re going to try it this year. Nice onions, by the way. Good luck with all plants.