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Forget the eggs

As delicious as those peanut butter eggs were, my little brother John recently introduced us to something MUCH better . . . 


Oreo Truffles

These little babies are DIVINE! They are also a little easier to make. All you need is a package of Oreos, a box of cream cheese, and some almond bark to dip them in.

You start by de-creaming the Oreos. Put the cream in a bowl with the cream cheese and put the cookies in a blender. Blend the cookies until they are dust — blending them in two batches worked best for me — and then add them to the cream mixture. Your hands work best for getting it completely mixed together.

Next, form the dough into little round balls. I ended up with 55 balls — but I ate A LOT of the dough in the process.

Finally, melt six squares of almond bark and dip the centers. Place them on wax paper and put them in the fridge.

WARNING: you should not undertake making this recipe if your self control is in anything other than peak resisting condition, otherwise you could end up eating WAY too many!

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  1. Yes, those are SO easy and delicious!!!

  2. I made those for Christmas and drizzled white chocolate over the top. Beautiful and very very tasty!!!

  3. What the skinny! If everyone knows about and has already made these, how come you’ve been holding out on us?

  4. I have to say, I have just recently heard about those heavenly treats and have not tried them yet. However, I did something similar to brownies for Mothers day and they were SOOOOOO good! I gave them away to mothers and have been asked to make more. (Have to be honest, I ate some myself. :))