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Storm damage?

The last two weeks we have had some pretty violent thunderstorms in our area; they caused a lot of damage. Several houses in our neighborhood either lost shingles or had their fence or a tree blown down. We thought we were victims of the storm as well when we saw this in our back yard.

Trees on the fence

We pulled the trees off the fence, into our yard, so I could cut them up for camping firewood.

Kim on the trees

Then, I climbed over the fence to see what exactly had happened and to inspect the damage.

DJ over the fence

I was expecting to see splintered tree trunks from the tornado strength winds; I couldn’t believe it when I saw this . . .

Chewed up trunks

Woodchips all over the place and tree stumps covered in teeth marks!! What we thought had been storm damage was actually the handiwork (mouthiwork?) of a not-so-neighborly beaver. That’s right, we now have a beaver living somewhere in the creek behind our house. One of these days I’m going to venture out into that poison-ivy-filled wilderness back there and see exactly where this beaver lives.

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  1. Deej, You seem to be attracting wildlife. First racoons, now beavers. That’s pretty amazing to see the handiwork, I mean mouthiwork, up close.

  2. Oh, Deej, that’s pretty funny! I like your new word – mouthiwork! — very fitting! When you moved to Texas you never thought you would have to deal with such a menagerie of critters, did you. Have fun cutting up all that wood!!

  3. Deej, Kim & ? —

    Though I’m sure it’s frustrating to have a beaver roam freely about your backyard, I find it interesting and intriguing. Best of success gearing up for the “hooding” in early May. Nice work and congratulations. We need to go out on a four-wheeler double date again.