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One more down

Another exam down, only one more left. Today was Family Law. I wrote a two page essay on whether sperm donors can sue for parental rights—I know, how often could that possibly be useful? I guess that’s why they say that school has nothing to do with real life. Nevertheless, if you need to know how to establish a common law marriage or whether a man can ask for the engagement ring back after the wedding is called off, I can tell you all you ever wanted to know!

An interesting note—at least I think it’s interesting—a transgender individual can officially change the gender on his birth certificate after gender reassignment surgery. But for purposes of marriage, he is still considered his chromosomal gender, e.g. a woman that becomes a man is still considered a woman. So the pregnant man that has been on the news lately could not legally marry his wife in Texas, even though his birth certificate says that he is a man. It’s issues like these that often make you wonder what the state of the world really is.

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