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Operation: Rescue Turtle

Baby TurtleI was mowing the lawn last Saturday and almost had a tragic accident. As I was pushing the mower along, I looked down and saw a small shape frantically trying to scramble away from the whirling vortex of death known as the lawnmower. At first I thought it was a grasshopper so I wasn’t too concerned (I don’t have a soft spot for insects), but when I realized it wasn’t jumping like the grasshoppers usually do, I took a closer look. Turns out it was a baby turtle making its way across the lawn. I’m not sure where it came from or what it was doing in the middle of my yard, but I stopped the mower to conduct a rescue operation.

The almost-victim was a baby red-eared slider turtle we affectionately named “Pete.” I picked him up and called Kim to come see. We spent a few minutes talking about how cute he was, then let him go near our back fence. I assume he made it to the creek back there and has probably made fast friends with the beaver by now.

Our turtle friend, Pete Our turtle friend, Pete

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  1. I’m so glad you are sharp-eyed and have a soft spot for baby turtles and saved this one because he is so very cute and little! I love to learn about all the adventures you have with the animal life that finds its way to (what they think is) a haven in your backyard. I hope the baby turtle survived. Although he may show up in a few months in your pond!

    Kim, we are excited for your graduation and very proud of you. DJ keeps telling us that you are a genius — but we already knew that! And your graduating with honors proves it.