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No one ever listens to me

I’m starting to realize that DJ’s habit of never listening to me is actually hereditary. :) I told him to put mesh around the tree to protect it from the beaver, but we all know what happened there! Now all the Dewey’s are convinced we are having a boy even though I told you from the beginning that it is going to be a girl. When the lab tech said he was 100% sure, you assumed there was only one possible reason, but you forgot the alternative… that we could be having a very immodest little girl.

What you are seeing in photo #1 is whatever convinced the tech that we are having a girl—I know, we aren’t sure what we’re looking at there either. But regardless, it’s a girl!

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  1. Yipe, now Deej can go buy some yipstick and a purse for his little girl.

  2. When we found out Syd would be a girl, Ster said, “I’ll be buying panties before boxers, dance shoes before cleats, lace before corduroy” and the list went on. Congratulations. Girls are fun…I should know.

  3. I guess I will have to take your word for it.