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Check out my melon

Ever since we moved to Texas we have been trying to figure out how to get a vegetable garden to grow. The first summer we realized just how brutal the Texas heat is. Despite using large blocks of ice to continuously water our squash plant, it shriveled up and died as soon as June came around. The second summer we decided to plant early so we could beat the heat. We planted our tomatoes indoors in February and then transplanted them outdoors in March. I think the transplant put them into shock because they didn’t start growing again for a couple months. We got a few good tomatoes in mid to late summer and were quite pleased, then in August they got a second wind and we had tomatoes all through the fall. In fact, when we left for Europe in mid-December our plants had about 30 green tomatoes on them. We were able to ripen most of them in a box with an apple.

This year we didn’t get started quite as early. We planted indoors in March and transplanted outdoors as soon as the plants were tall enough. In addition to tomatoes, this year I decided to plant cantaloupes. Since melons are grown commercially in Texas I figured that I could do it too. As you can see, so far so good . . .



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  1. Deej,
    You rock! I love your melons. Keep us updated on your harvest. I’d love to see what else you planted. K