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Creatures from beyond . . . the fence

It is a well documented fact that our backyard sometimes resembles a wildlife preserve with all the animals we find back there. Today, I am very sorry to say that my melon has been a victim of the ruthless beasts living behind our house. Kim went out to check on the garden the other day and this is what she found.

That’s right, some stinkin’ raccoon or opossum ATE MY CANTALOUPE!! Needless to say, I am totally devastated. I was quite proud of my melon and looked forward to the time when I could literally feast upon the fruits of my labors. Alas, ’twas not to be. Unfortunately that melon was the full extent of our crop this year. We’ve got a lot of plants out there with nothing growing on them. It’s very discouraging. Although, it’s probably not a bad thing. If we did have tomatoes growing out there, those dirty varmints would probably eat them too. Sometimes, you just can’t win.

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  1. DJ, that’s so sad! And it looks like it would have been a very tasty melon!

  2. I can hardly type through my tears. I’m sorry Deej. I hope you do eventually get something to harvest. So far we’ve only had zucchini and it was YUMMY! We lost our yellow squash to the heat and lack of water. But our corn is looking good. The stalks anyway. No corn quite yet. We’ve got beets we just let run loose. Their the size of, well, a small melon. hee hee. Anyhoo. The kids cut all the green onions down, just for fun. And the tomatoes and bell peppers have yet to appear but the plants are looking good so far. By that I mean, still alive. OK – I guess I’ll stop here. But Deej, I really am sorry about your melon. Darn varmints!!!

  3. oh man, that is the WORST. I think with fruit, it’s especially painful. You should talk to my dad about all the years of stolen green seedless grapes (the sweetest little things you ever tasted). They would just get ripe for picking and a whole family of raccoons would come in overnight and take every last grape- off the vine, but leave the skeleton of bunches there. It was a horrible sight. You could make a Cheby Chase movie out of how mad my dad would be and all his failed attempts to catch the raccoons.

  4. umm, that’s Chevy Chase, not Cheby